We will go over your marketing goals and objectives to create an effective digital marketing strategy that fits your business.


Our goal is to give you a professional website that generates organic traffic and helps convert visitors into customers.


If your marketing team is need of seasoned digital marketing veterans look no further than Astoria Media Group. 

Pay Per Click, or PPC, is very important to consider in your business marketing strategy. With localized campaigns and specific demographics, we are able target leads and generate business in the areas you're trying to grow your business. With a variety of search engines and social media sites, there are plenty of places to pay to advertise your business. We can help you determine which keywords to use, as well as where and when to spend your advertising dollars to see the biggest growth in your business. Google, for example, is one of the most advertised websites, and for good reason, with over 5.4 billion searches daily. 64.6% of people click on Google Ads when they are looking for a service or product online. All of this means there is plenty of opportunity to get your ads in front of potential customers with Google Ads. Our PPC management is specific to the company we are working with. We typically create a plan based on the products and services you want to advertise, the locations you want to advertise, the keywords you want to be found for, and the budget you want to work with. Once the plan is set in place, you should see results immediately, unlike organic SEO which takes more time to see the results.


A large number of our clients use WordPress as their preferred CMS and we have built a package that fits any project. Whether it's a simple landing page, an eCommerce store, or a subscription-based membership page; Astoria Media Group has you covered.

Throughout our experience in the world of WordPress we have vetted out the most functional additions to our clients' ecosystems. These are just a few of the tools we have available for your site to take advantage of.


The Pro Wordpress Theme by Themeco offers a wide range of usability from beginners to experts. With this highly functional theme, the only thing easier than setting it up is building your website. 

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At Astoria Media Group we believe a website is only as strong as its ability to interact with its users. That is why we deploy one of the most robust form plugins available for Wordpress: Formidable Forms.
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Invoicing can be burdensome and time consuming. Sliced Invoices makes creating quotes and invoices insanely simple and integrates with most payment processing platforms like Stripe and PayPal. With Sliced Invoices, get ready to get paid!   

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Membership sites are becoming increasingly more popular as content becomes easier to produce and share. With Ultimate Member for Wordpress your site can easily be setup for restricted content, role customizations, and much more.

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Let's get visual 

Data can get messy. Astoria Media Group has experience in creating and visualizing data sets across most platforms including Tableau, Google Data Studio, and Microsoft PowerBI.

Success takes action (API)

To visualize data is human, to act upon data is divine. By utilizing application programming interface (API), Astoria Media Group works with our clients to streamline and automate facets of their business beyond just marketing. 

Graphic Design by astoria Media group

with some help from adobe creative cloud 

Who has time for an agency who relies on passing files back and forth with a graphic artist? Our Creative Partner, Justin R. Schuback, has been producing illustrations, editing video footage, and prototyping/wire-framing for the better part of the last decade. This means a shorter time-to-market and reduced hourly costs to our clients.   

Adobe Illustrator Adobe Premiere Adobe InDesign Adobe After Effects Adobe Photoshop Adobe XD


Multimedia can be an excellent way to engage your audience. But knowing how to match the content with your audience segments can be daunting. Reviewing its effectiveness in your marketing plan only adds to the workload. 

At Astoria Media Group we can cover all the aspects of your next multimedia project. From research and planning to editing and producing we have the experience it takes to deliver a stellar performance. 

MEET THE GUys at the helm


Justin R. Schuback

Co-founder and Creative Partner with a decade of digital marketing experience and the technical chops to deliver only the most personalized voyage with Astoria Media Group. 


James O'leary

Co-founder and expansion partner who is driven by the idea that a successful journey is one taken together. His vision for Astoria Media Group is one filled with true, lifelong partnerships. 

Shoot us a message; WE'd love to hear from you! 

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